Rock A Birth Lamaze Class with Stephanie was brilliant. She helped me and my husband prepare for the natural labor and birth I wanted. The classes were stacked with information that me and my husband needed, along with an uplifting and comfortable atmosphere! I got to connect with other moms and learn techniques that helped me with the labor and birth of my baby girl. Although my labor didn't go to plan, the labor positions and information came in handy! I am grateful to have met Stephanie and attend her class.

-Carrie Mills

I was put in touch with Stephanie through Holly at Lafayette Moms and Babies when I casually mentioned wanting to take a Lamaze class. That day, I signed up for her Lamaze Class. With the information I learned through the class and having her as my doula, holding my hand in the hospital (and of course the perfect music playlist), I had the confidence and clear mind needed to get through almost 10 hours of labor (2.5 spent pushing) without any meds. After all that, I ended up having an emergency c-section which was totally not part of my plan. But Stephanie helped me not to panic at all. She was absolutely crucial in my success of getting my sweet baby girl out into this world. Not only that, but through this journey, she's become a dear friend. I will recommend her to every pregnant mama I ever meet!!!

-Jacqueline Savoie

From a new dad’s perspective:

Stephanie was great. I couldn’t imagine going into new this chapter without the help of a doula. My wife wanted to go all natural and I had my doubts but then Stephanie showed up at game time and got straight to work. Watching her work with my wife through labor gave me the confidence to step in and be a useful set of hands instead of the perpetual hand holder. Stephanie was able to communicate and ask nurses for things to make my wife more comfortable. I also think because we had a doula the best nurses on the floor choose to work in my wife’s room as Stephanie would would make everyone’s job a little easier including mine! One of the best investments you can make in your wife and child. 
Thanks again Stephanie!

-John P Landry Jr.